Your health and well being should not be neglected and it should certainly not be considered a luxury to care for ones self. Total Body Restore is a private one-on-one studio dedicated to customized wellness services. Owner-Operator Olga Batrich has a deep passion for whole body wellness.  As a Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Certified TRE Specialist, Olga leads her practice with a firm foundation of the best quality services, premium products and innovative techniques.  

After working a number of years with a premiere resort spa, and then with a luxury skin care brand providing treatments to fashion models and celebrities, Olga decided to open and nurture a private practice close to home. "My studio is warm and quaint.  It's private, providing you an oasis for what you need and you deserve."

You have one body, let Total Body Restore help you to reach the best version of you.

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"Being trained in many disciplines allows me to better care for each person I see on a wholistic level."

What people are saying…

Olga B at Total Body Restore is just amazing! Olga emits peace, calm and restorative energy. It's a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can receive services for your body, skin care and your overall well being. I have tried the TRE session and continue to do so at home. I have also had therapeutic massage and facial. I feel so wonderful after I am with Olga. She is very intuitive and is able to address your needs. She has specials at times to try the different services available. I would definitely recommend to others as well as being part of your wellness routine. Thank you Olga for being such a blessing! ~ Mira H.

Every time I visit Olga at Total Body Restore my stress melts away. She has an undeniable amount of good energy and talented hands. Always the right amount of pressure. I’m a hairstylist and my shoulders need constant attention. She even does cupping to rid my troublesome shoulders of aches and pains. Her massages are by far the best around. She is extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of well being. The Intraceuticals oxygen facial is to die for and your skin will not only thank you but will glow for days. I just can’t recommend Olga enough and her studio is so cozy and inviting. Do yourself and your health a favor and pay her a visit. It’s my happy place and I’m certain It will be yours as well! ~ Stak S.

Thank you, Olga. I've been doing the TRE exercises several times a week. The tremors have migrated to my hands, head, shoulders and neck. I'm finding it helpful to relieve stress and calm mental overactivity. ~Bridget O.

Went to Total Body Restore for a facial and I'm glowing! The upstairs office is quiet, clean, comfortable, and relaxing. Olga gives a gentle treatment, which allowed for deep relaxation - exactly what I needed. I had the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial and my skin looks and feels amazing. And her treatment table was so warm and cozy! I like that she tells you what she's doing and gives advice on how to improve your skin. Fabulous. ~Sue W.

Olga Batrich, at Total Body Restore, is fabulous. She makes you feel welcome, safe, comfortable, and pampered all within the first five minutes of your appointment. Her space is intimate, inviting, and calm. SHE is inviting and calm. She pays attention to your concerns, your skin, and your overall sense of being without judgement. She knows skin. She knows the best treatment for your skin. And, she works wonders! I have never had a more wonderful facial. Love the intraceutical oxygen facial AND the Procell Microchanneling and Stem Cell Therapy Treatment. ~Jade R.

I have been getting massages for years and Olga is by far the best. Her facility is quite welcoming and comfortable. I recommend Olga for anyone without any reservation. ~Derek R.

Guess who just found out her FSA money can be used for massages?!?!?
Yup, this girl. I've had some issues with previous massage therapists not really wanting to touch me after discussing some of my body issues, so I called Olga and we spent a ton of time on the phone discussing a number of issues I wanted worked on, how to approach them, and what I could expect. I knew after that phone call I found my happy massage place :)
Olga's studio is on the second floor of a building in the heart of downtown Wilmette. It's bright, open, airy, and super welcoming. Also, since Olga offers facials, I saw a ton of awesome looking skincare that I can't wait to dig into on my next visit.
I got a 60 minute therapeutic massage (which was truly 60 minutes), which can include anything from cupping, to deep tissue, to swedish massage, and man, did I get my butt kicked. I had no idea how ridiculously tight I had gotten, and how difficult it was for me to just relax. Olga worked on everything we had discussed, and at the end I was so impressed I bought a 5 pack (for only $475!), and am getting my husband in to see her asap. She's the best! ~Jennifer C.

Had a fantastic facial here and I learned so much! My skin feels amazing! ~Lea P.

Olga is my favorite esthetician and she's amazing. She does my Oxygen facials and my massages. My face always looks amazing afterwards. We have great conversations. She offers helpful tips on taking care of my skin, but I never feel pressured to purchase specific products. The spa is always clean and bright. A delicious piece of chocolate is a nice touch at the end of a treatment. ~Vera F.

The studio is so tranquil and lovely. A vintage spot in downtown Wilmette.  I've been seeing Olga for facial and massage treatments for years.  I travel 40 mins to see her. She has the most soothing healing touch and uses high quality products.  You will leave the studio feeling energized and with great looking skin, highly recommend! ~Lisa T.

Love the space, so airy and bright. Booked Intraceuticals oxygen facial, best facial ever. My skin felt so smooth, and bright, perfect for my dry skin. Next I will try the massage. Olga is very professional and knowledgeable. ~Maggie B.

Olga provides great services and a wonderful experience! I have had such wonderful results!! Olga is absolutely amazing at what she does!! ~Becky K.

Olga’s space is relaxing and open. The minute I got there I felt relaxed and calm. The environment is very cozy but with lots of loving energy which is perfect while getting a facial or massage. When my treatment was over I had a hard time getting up because I was so relaxed. I couldn’t picture a better place to go and be in for a massage or facial. Olga and her space are just incredible. Olga is amazing at what she does and really knows what she’s doing. She’s passionate about what she does. She makes everyone's experience at her space memorable and very relaxing. She makes everyone's time and treatment specific to them so it’s very personal, accommodating, and memorable. She wants to help her clients find what works best for them. I am a young girl who struggles with acne and I went to Olga for a facial which she customized for my skin type and am also following the skin regime. ~Arijana D.

I had the pleasure of receiving a facial at Total Body Restore and my skin is still glowing. The office is inviting, relaxing, and cozy. The treatment table was so comfortable, I was starting to relax just by laying down. I had an Intraceuticals Oxygen facial with a booster serum and Dermaplaning! Wow! It was phenomenal! My skin looked and felt amazing afterward and continues to look healthy and bright. Olga is very knowledgable, has a calming energy and is focused and present during the whole treatment. She also gives great suggestions and feedback in how to care for your skin so that you can continue to look amazing. I highly recommend Olga! ~Suzanne W.

If you're looking for a little piece of heaven, come here! the second you step foot into this space you feel as if all the weight of the world as lifted off your shoulders! Its so light and the energy is so positive and loving, you can't help but feel relaxed! it is a real treat to be in this space! Olga provides an warm, attentive, loving, and customized experience for each person that walks into her space. Coming here would be an incredible treat! Everyone deserves a little "me time" and she is the one to provide that for you! ~Madeline B.

I've had so many facials of all kinds, different places, always trying something new. I wanted to check this brand new Total Body Restore Studio, booked Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment. This facial was one of the very best, amazing, I was so relaxed, didn't wanted to go home. My skin felt so good, very hydrated and clean. Great products, you can purchase them there, very convenient. Olga was very knowledgeable, I always ask so many questions ( just want to know about the products, the ingredients, the service details...) she gave me a lot of great tips. The space was exceptionally clean, which is very important for me, loved the fresh white sheets, I was very comfortable. Thanks for a great appointment Olga, I will be back. ~Maggie B.

A quaint, tranquil, private, and very relaxing suite. It is very unique, and so refreshing to not be in a huge impersonal spa. No wait etc. Very personalized and very nice fresh decor! I enjoyed my morning here very much and look forward to being here regularly! Olga is amazing and so knowledgeable about inner health, beauty, and overall healthy living. She carries top of the line products and has introduced me to an amazing daily facial routine! It is hard to put into words how wonderful her facials are. You need to experience them yourself. You will never go back to a large spa again! Olga thank you I will see you soon! ~Tracy F.