Intraceuticals Treatment Series

Want optimal results? This ultra hydrating treatment will drench your skin with moisture to restore it to an ideal state of hydration.  Oxygen under light pressure is applied directly to the skin’s surface increasing the absorption of the special hydrating serum. This is a series of six treatments. It is suggested to complete the Course over a six week period. When purchasing this series, your home care products, which will help keep the skin at its optimal hydration levels, is included FREE! This is over $350 worth of take home skin care! 

6 Treatment 60 Minute Series ~ $870

6 Treatment 90 Minute Series ~ $1230

Total Body Restore Massage Series

Take control of your WELLBEING and save!  This series is available in either 5 or 10 treatments.  Come daily, weekly, or monthly.  It's what your body needs.

5 -60 Minute Treatments ~ $425       10 -60 Minute Treatments ~ $845

5 -90 Minute Treatments ~ $625        10 -90 Minute Treatments~ $1215

Therapeutic Massage Series

Do you need maintenance for a chronic issue? Or maybe this therapeutic series helps keep stress at bay.  This is the perfect package for you. 

5 -60 Minute Treatments ~ $475       10 -60 Minute Treatments ~ $950

5 -90 Minute Treatments ~ $675       10 -90 Minute Treatments ~ $1,305