Tension/Trauma Release Exercises

I have been doing TRE regularly since I saw you a year and a half ago (or however long ago it was). My goal in learning TRE was to help with health challenges I was experiencing. It took about a year of consiste (3).png

Learn how to naturally release chronic stress from your body in a 60 minute session of TRE!

“Thank you, Olga. I've been doing the TRE exercises several times a week. The tremors have migrated to my hands, head, shoulders and neck. I'm finding it helpful to relieve stress and calm mental overactivity.” ~Bridget O.


Private Session: This is an opportunity to work with your TRE® Provider one-on-one or with a partner.  If you have high levels of stress, tension or any possible trauma, it is suggested to work one-on-one with a provider to work on gently moving some of this tightness, or contractedness out through the body in a safe and supervised manner.  60 minutes (up to two individuals) $85

Group Workshop:  Certain people enjoy the energy of a TRE® group class while others enjoy private sessions working with a TRE® Provider facilitating the space one-on-one. Once learned, it is helpful to join a group a few times a year; this assists in supporting your growth, and creates support from a growing community. 60 minute group session (must register in advance) $35

“Because the therapeutic tremor is effective in intense trauma, it easily works with daily stress and tension.”  

We are a chronically stressed society.  Stress is everywhere and it has become part of our everyday lives. We experience it on a daily basis through most facets of our being, yet we don’t really realize how much it affects us.  Did you know that nearly 90% of all doctor’s visits are due to stress? 

How can TRE® help relieve stress?  Tension Release Exercises (TRE®) were developed by David Berceli, PhD, during a long career working in areas afflicted by war and natural disaster. After witnessing trauma on a mass scale, he came to a deep understanding of the trauma cycle and recognized a desperate need for effective recovery methods. He designed a series of simple movements to turn on the natural human shaking response that signals a return to safety and calm. By activating this self-induced therapeutic tremor with mindful attention to physical and psychological comfort, there is usually no need to actually talk about the original stress to achieve lasting, positive results. The TRE® mechanism, or shaking ability, exists in all mammals and humans.  It is the body's most organic and natural way of unravelling contracted or tight stress patterns, as well as reducing the charge of stress hormones and un-healthy chemical build up, bringing the body back to homeostasis.


*Please reach out to Olga to discuss costs should you like to have a private session or group session at your home or office.